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Driving The Alaska Highway

Driving to Alaska is high on the list of many adventurers. The trip is legendary for its beauty and wildlife. Once a bumpy dirt road, the Alaska Highway is now a modern, well maintained highway. Construction occurs seasonally and may cause delays in small sections, but otherwise, it’s smooth driving. We did hit an extremely bumpy area just outside of Beaver Creek, Alaska. In summer, visitor amenities, including gasoline, food and motels, are abundant along the entire 1,500-mile Alaska Highway.

Wildlife on the Alaska Highway


Driving the Alaskan Highway in the Summer can be a bit daunting because of the smoke from wildfires that affect the visibility along the Highway. There was one section just above Muncho Lake where the smoke was so bad it was difficult trying to focus with my camera on a black bear which was eating along the roadside. Luckily the wildfire shown in this photo was behind us and we were driving away from it. We were so close we could see the flames.

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