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The State of Maine


Bob Libby was born and raised in Maine. Moved to Australia and after a 
22 year career in teaching and a 17 year career in Australian Real Estate, his love for children and wildlife led to the creation of a book called “Australian Animals 
and Their Animal Friends”. Bob then started photography as a hobby. He always had a passion for photographing animals and to the dedication of the preservation and protection of the natural world. His Native American Maliseet heritage has given him a strong
 spiritual connection with wildlife and nature. He is now an award-winning photographer based on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia and is known for his lighting mastery and craftsman’s approach to the creative process. In retirement, Bob continues his passion for photographing wildlife and nature. Other: Spent three years in the US Army and was honourably discharged with a rank of Specialist E5. Graduated from Western Connecticut University in Danbury, Connecticut with a four year Bachelor of Science Degree. Bob owned his own computer company where he developed two CD’s – Australian Walkabout and one on the Western Plains Zoo. He also taught computer awareness classes at Bondi Evening College for 8 years after his day job.

I managed to photograph some Fall Colours during our trip to Maine and Iceland. This photo was taken about 18 miles above Kokadjo in Northern Maine while photographing and looking for the sometimes elusive Maine moose. And speaking of the ELUSIVE MOOSE, here are two beautiful photos of a Bull Moose and a Cow Moose, both photographed in Northern Maine.

Mark Patterson of Lone Wolf Guiding Services out of the Shirley/Greenville area of Northern Maine has the knowledge of putting Professional Photographers and First Time Moose Enthusiasts in a position to photograph these beautiful animals. Here are just two of the photos I have photographed under his guidance. The big boy in the video was taken by Mark Patterson on one of his outings.

This Cow Moose was photographed in the Greenville area of Maine….Cow moose have light-brown faces, whereas bulls have black or dark-brown muzzles. Cows also have a white patch of fur beneath their tail, which bulls do not have. Alaskan cow moose have reddish-brown faces, while the bulls have black faces.

The day before returning to Australia, Dennis Aplanalp​, Chris Aplanalp​ , Dianne and I took a sunny and relaxing Autumn walk into Moxie Falls. While I was taking still photos, Chris took the video below of an over flowing Moxie Falls. Moxie Falls is a waterfall in Somerset County, Maine. It has a vertical drop of over 90 feet into a pool about 17 feet deep. A typical Maine pastoral scene

Autumn Colours

Photo of the Piscataquis River in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Beautiful this time of year with the coloured leaves reflecting in the water. Photographed when I was last in Maine.

Maine Wildlife

A Maine moose can be sighted anytime and anywhere when driving in Vacationland. This cow moose was photographed on the outskirts of Millinocket Maine.

Big Wilson Stream Falls, Maine

When in Maine, I enjoy visiting this riverine area as the atmosphere around the stream radiates an environment of relaxation. The stream falls over a series of ledges, with a main drop of approximately ten feet. The total drop is about 20 feet. There is a good water volume year round. A large, deep pool located below the main drop, on the west side of the falls, is suitable for swimming, including older children. The adjacent mixed hardwoods make this a scenic location, especially during the Fall colour season.

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