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Kroschel Films

Kroschel Films Wildlife Center

Thank You Steve, Rocky and Mario….
Steve Kroschel has been an independent filmmaker for the past 34 years and a naturalist for most of his life. He owns and operates a wildlife park near Haines, Alaska for mainly orphaned wildlife indigenous to Canada and Alaska . Steve cares for moose, wolves, grizzly bears , wolverines and many other creatures. I booked a private tour with Steve and with his sidekicks, Rocky and Mario, they showed Dianne and I around the Wildlife Refuge during our three month long photography holiday of Alaska, Canada, Hawaii and Maine. This stop was one of the highlights of our trip, especially getting up close and personal with “Banff the Wolverine”, probably the only semi-tamed wolverine in the world.

Wildlife Gallery

Baby Silver Fox

Thank You Steve, Rocky and Mario….
Steve Kroschels’ sidekicks and a major part of the success at Kroschel Films has been Rocky Seward and Mario Benassi.

Mario Benassi

Rocky Seward


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